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Piano Lesson

Concert Hall


"Welcome to Also Piano, where we understand the complexity and diversity of our modern lives. Each of us embodies a unique blend of talents and capabilities that define us, setting us apart as individuals. However, within this rich tapestry of abilities, we envision a shared space for the universal language of music, embodied by the timeless elegance of the piano.


Our name, 'Also Piano,' encapsulates our philosophy. 'Also' denotes the multitude of skills we all possess, while 'Piano' represents the melodic thread we strive to weave into the canvas of your life. Our aspiration extends beyond producing accomplished musicians. We are committed to the idea of embedding music into the fabric of everyone's existence, amplifying its enrichment potential.


We believe the piano is more than an instrument; it is a medium to augment personal development, broaden cultural understanding, and foster a deeper connection with the world around us. Therefore, we invite you to enhance your repertoire of life skills with the inclusion of 'Piano'. Experience the transformative power of music with Also Piano and let it orchestrate a harmonious symphony in your life."

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