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About Us



Who We Are:

Welcome to AlsoPiano, where our mission is to ignite the spark of music in every learner. Our team comprises professional piano performers & teachers dedicated to delivering top-tier music education. We sprouted from traditional music academies to simplify and streamline this journey for our students. Our Commitment to the highest quality of lessons extends nationwide, thanks to our fantastic teaching partners.

How It Works:

AlsoPiano simplifies music education by offering in-home lessons personalized to each student’s unique needs. Our experienced teachers will visit your home once or twice weekly, providing a relaxed, optimal learning environment. Sign-up is effortless - contact us via email or text, and we’ll match you with the perfect teacher based on your location and goals. 

Teaching Method:

At AlsoPiano, we embrace diversity in both our students and teaching methods. Our certified instructors are adept in various teaching styles, catering to every learner’s unique preference and goal. We offer lessons in traditional methods, focusing on note reading, developing sight-reading skills, and significant composers’ repertoire. For those seeking a modern approach, we also teach contemporary piano styles like chord reading & voicings, improvisation, and Jazz. No matter your goal or type, at AlsoPiano, we shape the lessons to meet your musical aspirations, ensuring a rewarding and exciting learning experience. 

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